Anti Aging Skin Care Ingredients Most Skin Care Companies Don’t Want You to Know About – Anti Aging

Virtually all anti aging skin care ingredients can be explained to be used in a beneficial way for your skin.  So how can you choose the best natural anti aging cream with the best anti aging skin care ingredients?  Here’s my full-proof and logical formula for picking the best natural anti aging cream.Tell me if this makes sense:  The best natural anti aging cream should contain anti aging skin care ingredients that target the main causes of aging skin. Do you agree?Forget all the other anti aging skin care ingredients with snazzy names- if a natural anti aging cream doesn’t contain anti aging skin care ingredients that counter the major causes of aging, than chances are it won’t do what you want it to. There are three major causes of aging skin.The biggest cause is loss of collagen and elastin protein.  As these proteins break down wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, age spots, and other ugly aging signs begin to develop.  And after you turn around 35 years old, your body looses about 1.5% of these proteins every year.***BUYER BEWARE***Don’t fall for natural anti aging cream that claims to contain collagen and elastin protein as ingredients.  Even if they actually do, these proteins cannot penetrate through your epidermis.  They will just sit on your skin’s surface until washed off.  Unfortunately until recently, there hasn’t been a true way to boost your skin’s collagen and elastin levels, so this was just a marketing ploy practiced by many companies to sell more product.So how can you keep collagen and elastin levels high?  Get a natural anti aging cream that contains the ingredient CynergyTK(TM).  It’s the only anti aging skin care ingredient that actually stimulates collagen and elastin production inside the body.  Made by a New Zealand company, it’s unknown to most of the world.  But thanks to the internet, you can still get access to natural anti aging creams with it.The second cause of aging skin is loss of hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid acts as the ‘glue’ to hold collagen and elastin fibers together.  But hyaluronidase (an enzyme found in your body) breaks down your hyaluronic acid, leaving no way for your body to build collagen and elastin fibers. But thanks to Japanese skin care, an anti aging skin care ingredient called Phytessence Wakame blocks hyaluronidase activity, leaving large amounts of hyaluronic acid to be used by your body.And third, free radicals constantly reek havoc on your skin cells.  That’s where antioxidants come into play.  Antioxidants defend your body against free radicals and are essential anti aging skin care ingredients.  The best antioxidant for your skin is CoenzymeQ10, especially in it’s ‘nano’ form which can penetrate 7 times deeper.  Manuka honey and natural vitamin E are also powerful antioxidants.