When Should I Start Anti Aging Cream? – Anti Aging

Most of us assume that we won’t need anti aging creams until we start seeing lines and wrinkles, but unfortunately that’s not exactly true…Our skins aren’t all made equal. Because we are different, our skincare regime has to follow our skin concerns, not our age. 2 factors impact the way our skin is aging:Our lifestyle: Smoking, excessive drinking (alcohol), regular late nights, sun exposure without protection, stress, environment etc. accelerate skin aging
Our Genes: Sometimes skin aging has nothing to do with our lifestyle it’s geneticBut If you have been looking after your skin from young, using a proper skincare regime and applying sunblock daily, signs of aging such as fine lines and winkles, sagging skin and dry and tired skin will not show up so quickly and your skin will remain young looking for longer. Anti-aging is all about preventing it from happening. Waiting for the wrinkles to show is waiting too long. The key to a good age-prevention routine is to start early with care that protects the skin from damaging factors. The questions remains: ” When Should I Start Anti Aging Cream?”In your 20s you usually don’t need an anti aging cream even if you have some small signs of wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines, and wrinkles around the eyes. But it is time for you to begin with a simple daily skincare regime that will prevent and slow down the aging effects on your skin. Cleanse your face twice a day and use a good facial moisturizer appropriate for your skin type and apply a regular day cream with an SPF of 15 (or more) for protection from sun damages. Enjoy the beautiful skin you have and do whatever you can to keep it that way.In your 30s if you don’t notice frown lines or expression lines quite yet, try moving close enough to the mirror to examine the eye area that’s where the most visible signs of aging start. It’s now time to start with anti-aging products and add them to your daily skincare routine. The most important product to add to your facial moisturizer and sunblock cream is a firming serum because elastin and collagen start breaking down around this age and you need help their production. You can also add an antioxidant serum to boost your protection levels.In your 40s you have to maintain a good skincare routine and add extra power to your regime to slow down the signs of aging. You can experience a more dry skin, a more important loss of elasticity etc. Its time to begin with:a retinol cream at night to fight fine lines and wrinkles
an eye cream to treat this very sensitive area
a serum to even out skin tone and erase UV damageAt any age exfoliation is important to remove dead skin, but it’s absolutely essential to follow it with a good moisturizer and/or face oil.If aging is something we can’t avoid there are products that can make you looking at your best at every age: Products to prevent and products to reverse the signs of aging. If it’s never to early to begin with an anti aging cream, it’s never to late. It’s now possible to reverse the signs of aging and make you look, feel and live younger longer!Remember also that changing the look and feel of skin is about more than just applying a cream. Healthy, youthful skin starts with a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and exercise.